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Site Updates

July 30, 2008

-Brand new layout cause I was sick of looking at the old one. I've added to the Characters section and tweaked a few details with the site.

Mar. 8, 2008

-Added Characters and Fanwork sections thanks to some ideas from friends. These sections will still have a lot added to them as well as other stuff on the way.

Mar. 1, 2008

-Ok, I just decided to finally make a website to my favorite person in the whole world: Queen Mab. I also wish to consolidate all the Merlin information we know of into one website. My Merlin dvd special edition and shooting script book are on their way to my house so I can't wait. In more mundane news, I took my S.A.T. test for the first time this morning. So I feel like my brain has been painfully squeezed for about 5 hours. I've still got a lot of tweaking to do with this website. I would like it to look better, as I'm not totally pleased with it.


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