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In a time long past, when magic was fading from the world of men, the malevolent sorceress Mab (Miranda Richardson) summoned forth a mightly wizard to keep the power of the Old Ways alive. The wizard's name . . . was Merlin (Sam Neill). But when his heart is touched by the love of the beautiful Nimue (Isabella Rossellini), Merlin turns away from Mab's dark enchantments. Allying himself with the young warrior who will rise to become the legendary King Arthur, Merlin pledges his mystic skills to Arthur's visionary cause: bringing peace and justice to the realm haunted by monsters and ravaged by war - and setting the stage for the ultimate clash of Good versus Evil. With spellbinding performances from a stellar international cast and spectacular special effects from Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Merlin conjures up an epic Golden Age of wondrous magic, supernatural passions and unforgettable adventure!




Merlin's Apprentice

The great sorcerer Merlin has returned to Camelot, a kingdom now vulnerable to ill fates and war since the theft of the Holy Grail, its greatest gift and protection. With the help of Jack, an irascible young beggar-theif imbued with his own unruly magic, the fight against unknown dangers begins - to find the Grail, restore it to its rightful place, and bring Camelot back to its glory days.

Merlin DVD (1998)

Merlin DVD (1999)

Merlin Special Edition

Merlin's Apprentice



German Edition

French Edition


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