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Icons and Avatars

Fan Creations and Tributes

If you wish to have something added to the list email me: landunderhill at yahoo dot com

Fanfiction ~

An Illusion of Magic - personal favorite and one of the best written fanfics out there. Its a cross between Merlin and Labyrinth movies. Main characters: Mab, Merlin, Jareth, Frik

Untitled (Mab and Merlin ficlet) Pt. One - I'm totally in love with this one so far. It so excellent!

Wrath - *hugs this one* Merlin/Mab

Angry Cheddar- (Mab/Merlin)- PG-13/R- despite the odd name, this is the sequel to Wrath, absolutely delicious!

Scars - Mab/Nimue PG 13 - very nice

Mab story we all add to - this one is still-in-progress and only just started reading, but it has been very enjoyable and amusing so far

Mab's Daughter - Private RP story between Libitine and myself, main characters: Mab, Moira(Mab's daughter), Frik, Mordred

Memories, Dreams, and Fairytales - femslash Nimue/Mab nothing graphic, well written. another fav

Debate - cool little poem where Nimue and Mab are speaking to Merlin

Cold Fire - Mab/Vortigern pairing

Lildrusilla - this girl writes a ton of awesome Merlin fanfics

Ever Dream - Merlin dreams of Ambrosia, then Nimue, then someone unexpected....

A Vision They Shared - Mab/Mordred pairing


Fan videos ~ a few of my favorites

Queen Mab - Ravenheart

Moonlight Shadow

Mab and Merlin - Love and Hate

Mab - Celtic Spirit

Merlin/Mab - Dawn of Victory

Queen Mab and Mordred

Hate and Love - Queen Mab and Merlin

Mab&Merlin are Frozen

Queen Mab...Oasis

Merlin vs. Mab

Merlin- Nightwish- "Bless the Child"

"Silver and Cold" -Queen Mab

Consign to Oblivion

Whispers in the Dark ~Mab&Mordred~



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